Concept of App Store Optimization

Imagine putting over hundreds of hours into perfecting your app, by designing it each step of the way, only to not get noticed and have average reviews? This is every app creator’s biggest fear that can be easily overcome with the help of App Store Optimization technique provided by top app store optimization companies. This concept has taken up a good chunk of the spotlight as app creators and businesses are channelling a lot of their resources for their apps to perform and rank well in the vast market of apps. It has come to a point where paid advertisements, article mentions, and blog posts are just not enough to be recognized as 63% of apps are discovered in the app store. This way of discovery is popular amongst all smartphone users which lead all app creators to knock on the doors of top app store optimization companies and avail their many optimizing services. From keyword recognition to periodic statistical reports, ASO services are here to increase app downloads and make app creators happy with high rankings. In true words, top app store optimization company is becoming the strength of app creators. 

First of all, it is very important to know what ASO is? Well, ASO or App store optimization is a steady process of brushing up an app’s rank and discoverability in an app store. The better the rank of your app in an app store’s search results, the more visible it is to potential users. In other words, you must have heard about SEO i.e. search engine optimization which is the process of how websites compete for rank on google or other internet search engines. Well, app store optimization works in a similar fashion, with only difference that it works with apps competing for ranks on the app stores. When deciding which apps to be featured at the top in search results related to them, there are multiple factors affecting it such as keywords, app-usage, app downloads, uninstalls, reviews and some other factors. For an app creator it becomes a hectic job to keep track of all these factors while publishing their app, that’s why they reach to top app store optimization companies for their app’s fast growth. 

All of the top app store optimization companies are based on app marketing strategies, which are formulated to make the app more visible. It is vital to conduct market research, to know exactly who the app’s target audience is and from there we involve strategies to do with keywords, presentation of the app’s description, icon, screenshots, and positive reviews and many more. Including the keyword in the title of the app, having a unique app icon and having impressive screenshots of the app are all important selling points to be noted that in turn result in good reviews, increased downloads, and happy customers. They also track and measure every single change that occurs to suggest the best solutions and services to their clients. Hence, if you as an app creator want your app to climb the stairs of success then choosing one top app store optimization company as your partner is absolutely the correct decision for you and your app’s wonderful growth.