An Ultimate Guide to Gain Competitive Edge Over Other Mobile Apps

Have you just created an app and ready to release it into the market? Wondering how it works in acquiring users to your app? In this generation of advanced technology, it is very easy for anybody to create an app and drive it into the app stores. There are over millions of apps in the app market, each one having their own unique features. It is a huge cluster of apps out there. It is quite difficult for a fresh and brand new app like yours to stand out over all other apps in the app store.

Developing a fabulous and unique app alone will not guarantee you the success, it has to be marketed well. The art of convincing users to get your app is called app marketing. There are several ways an app marketing can be done. These strategies help in boosting your app to the top and enhance the visibility of your app over all the other apps in the app store. There is one such app marketing strategy that is used by most of the app publishers and has proven to give out promising results all the time.

Many of us have heard a few chit-chats about search engine optimization used to optimize the search rankings of a website by optimizing keywords in order to get a website on the top when a user performs a search. But did you also know that similar kind of magic can be used in app stores by optimizing keywords of an app?

Whenever some user needs to perform a search, there are certain keywords used in the search field. Finding out the right keyword can be tricky. Here comes ASO.

What is ASO?

ASO is a process used to increase the visibility of the apps in the app store. It is a way of ensuring your app meets the app store ranking standards and helps an app to be visible at the top of a search results page.

How ASO acquired apps have a greater impact on search results?

Over the years of huge development of app marketing, it is observed that when a search is performed by the users, keywords play a very important role in how users are able to discover the apps, what kind of apps show up when a particular search is performed. So it is important for you to make sure that your app is optimized by developing relevant keywords.

Keyword research and optimization:

The time spent on research is valuable and it’s worth it to take as much as the time needed to think and finding all the possible keywords. This research can be done by evaluating the suggested keywords in the search bar. You can tally the keywords that you came up with on your own and the keywords in the search bar and choose the best ones and start optimizing it. You can perform this step on your own by inserting such keywords in the app name, app description, and app title. Or you can hire ASO experts. You can buy android reviews 2019 to increase organic downloads.

How ASO helps in boosting your brand presence?

Most of the apps become famous and be a brand overnight. When you are a renowned brand. You get more than a download from the users. You are more trusted and users feel your app is reliable and starts using it and recommending it to others. Online branding is a process that involves creating an environment of blog posts, testimonials, social media updates, and app reviews published on different platforms so that your product becomes familiar to people.

Grow the user base exponentially

It is very important for an app to maintain consistency in growth. You can build a website of your app and link the app there so that the user can easily navigate to your app. You can try paid promotions on social media to get a new group of users and also need to carry out a sustained digital marketing campaign for your brand visibility.

App Store Optimization is an ongoing process and it requires a keen eye, regular check-ins, and constant analysis should be made. If this is managed well, you will see a huge development in the popularity of your app over all the other apps.